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Spread the word- attn: Activists and community organizers – build energy, visibility, community, and membership in your campaigns with Spiral Q. Apply to our FREE Art for Actions Pipeline program by August 30th – app in our bio and at 

“Our movements are missing a huge element of power when we don’t utilize art in our strategy & actions. Peoplehood provided opportunities for Thrive members to step up in leadership, deepen our understanding of how art can be utilized, work with our HANDS, and take wildly beautiful cross-generational action together in a way that set up young people & elders to be equal partners & accomplices. THANK YOU for supporting that kind of transformational action.” – Alexa Ross, Philly Thrive (’19 Pipeline partner) 

Big ❤️ to @phillythrive and Alexa who were 2019 pipeline partners. 

Photos by @pic2picproductions@puppetshinanagans and WHYY/Kimberly Paynter @breadrosesfund