Spiral Q uses art-making, organizing and our unique inquiry-based methodology to model and teach practical skills in collaboration, community organizing, advocacy and identifying and mobilizing shared resources. We see creative action as a catalyst. We can produce works for you, in collaboration with you, or consult with and train your team to create their own.

With our wide array of skills, Spiral Q artists work with partners to identify how we might strengthen their plans. We take on long-term projects with multiple partners, as well as smaller one-off services and everything in between. Call Spiral Q to set up an assessment, or hire us, today.


Working with folks of all ages to build skills, expand knowledge, and create art, Spiral Q artists come with a variety of backgrounds providing trainings in educational practices, art- and media-making, including but not limited to sculpture, movement and dance, printmaking, sound, theater, and poetry. We can create curricula to fit your needs, or put on one of our signature workshops.


Facilitating inclusive dialogues and leading collaborative and equitable planning processes, Spiral Q creates spaces for powerful collaboration and meaningful action. We believe that the process of dialogue can lead to exciting discoveries, particularly when we listen to learn, and learn to listen.


Needs assessment, vision-questing, strategy development. Spiral Q helps folks clarify objectives, develop creative communication and engagement strategies, design projects and tailor curriculum to advance our community partners’ goals.


Working with over 1,000 partners in our history, Spiral Q has a network of movers and shakers that we want to connect you with to make your project powerful.


Creating puppets, props, theater works, design, movement, media and more, Spiral Q artists bring a variety of expertise. You can hire our team of artists to collaborate in creation, or make your own vision a reality.


Planning parades, festivals, and exhibitions, Spiral Q can provide technical support, advise on permits and logistics, consult on engagement tactics, and more.


Spiral Q has a “living” collection of giant puppets, banners, artwork, costumes, props and more that is available for loan to exhibitions and installations, or for use in performances and public actions. We can also bring the puppets to you –   book one of our productions, or request a puppet appearance at your next special event.


Resources available for short-term rental to enhance your events and public actions include tables, chairs, tools, drums, PA equipment and more.