Sitting within a broad tradition of performance as social and political commentary, critique, and satire, Spiral Q artists’ performative works range from participatory giant puppet pageants, to full-length shadow puppet shows, to dance and movement pieces, to improvisational site-specific pop-ups. These works create space for reflection, conversation, and inquiry while engaging audience through color, sound, movement, and energy.


Spiral Q pop-up performances make events unforgettable. Improvised, site-specific performances are a stunning visual draw that delights families and attracts media. Most frequently performed at street fairs, ceremonies, actions or large-scale celebrations, pop-ups can take many forms. A giant puppet waltz, a roaring drum line, a participatory flash mob dance routine, or stilt-walkers dancing high above the crowd are only the tip of the iceberg.


Spiral Q artists have a range of performances that can travel to you. We can perform for your audience or integrate members of your community into one of our participatory performances.


Spiral Q artists can be hired to create original work around a topic or theme. Spiral Q artists work in a variety of media including dance, music, puppetry, spoken word, theater and more. Our puppetmakers can be commissioned to create puppets, masks, props, costumes and set pieces for a project that you create.