Why throw away your recyclable “trash” when you could give it a second life and see it transformed through creativity to uplift, empower, celebrate, educate, and connect our communities in Philly!

Art making at Spiral Q is largely powered by recycled and reused materials donated by lovely supporters like you! (Thank you! We love you!) 

We have a fast paced and unpredictable schedule while operating out of a relatively small space. There will be times when we need a ton of supplies quickly, and times when we simply don’t have the spatial capacity to store any more supply donations. 

We appreciate all the materials that folks are saving for us, and for keeping us in mind, but we are currently only able to take donations during open calls or on a case by case basis.  You can email community@spiralq.org with any donation requests or questions:

(Jan 2024-Feb 2024)
This is an open call, and are current needs are:

  • T-shirts!
  • Large old dress shirts for smocks
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Poster tubes
  • Paper bags
  • Beer bottle caps
  • Yardage of fabric
  • Pvc poles  1/2″-2″ diameter
  • PVC connectors
  • Bamboo  1/2″-1.5″ diameter