Rob Seitz is Spiral Q’s new Arts Education Coordinator. Rob has been a teaching artist with the Q since 2019, and last Fall he became our first part-time Arts Education Administrator! Now we’re in the thick of our education programs, and Rob has been an indispensable part of our team as he guides our education team and teaching SPARQ in Schools! Learn more about Rob in this Spiral Q (and A) below.

Q: What’s your favorite part about your role at Spiral Q? Rob: “I love being a teacher and working with the youth. They are constantly surprising me with innovative ideas, thoughtful questions, and wise comments. Even though we’ve only just started being back in person this year it’s already apparent that the students are excited and engaged. They are readily expressing their opinions about current events, their ideas about justice, and how to use art to send a message.”

Q: What is your favorite Spiral Q memory? Rob: There are so many moments from the SparQ program but one of my favorite stories happened while teaching virtually last year. I was in a break-out room on Zoom recording students rap and song lyrics they had written for the music video we were creating. The students were not shy at all. They even asked to do multiple takes in order to get their part just right. It was one of those moments when the students become a self guided group and directed each other and themselves.”

Q: Who has been your greatest teacher or hero? Rob: My son, Roman is an amazing teacher. He teaches me to be curious and to take risks.”

What was your first experience with Spiral Q?

My first experience with Spiral Q was an experiential training session I completed with a co-hort of teaching artist job applicants. We learned about and practiced the entire process of team building, story circle, character design, puppet building, and parading in 2 days! I still remember the puppet, “Professor Diggory Birdbrain” that Briggs, Phoenix, and I made as a tribute to our mentors and inspiring teachers from our pasts. It was a non-binary purple feathered bird wearing glasses.

What music do you listen to when you need to get energized or inspired? Dub, I’m listening to it right now! Simultaneously locked into a groove and energized. Good for dancing, making art, and cleaning the house. When I need to focus on work I listen to instrumental ambient with a lo-fi beat.

Spiral Q loves potlucks (and is historically really good at them, we think!).  What is your favorite food to bring to a potluck?

I would definitely bake some bread. Something flashy like a focaccia where you make art on top with vegetables.

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