Melannie Taylor just presented the latest version of her The Voice of MOD3 and ASD performance installation on Juneteenth – a project that she has created and developed in Spiral Q’s InQbate community cohort. Learnmore about Melannie in this month’s Spiral Q & A.

What was your first experience with Spiral Q?

My first experience with Spiral Q was with the Art through Pipeline program, where I was able to partner Spiral Q with the  Dignity Act Now Collective to help our Organization create a play festival for reentering mothers and caregivers from prison in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. 

What is your favorite Spiral Q memory?

My Favorite Memory with spiral Q is the times we spent as a team in InQbate. I was amazed by the different projects we were working on and to do it all at the same time in the same space felt very powerful. Having that structured time and also being a part of different workshops  like the workshop we did on trauma-informed care, fast-tracked me to become a more professional artist. 

What is your favorite part of your role with Spiral Q?

I would say my favorite part of my role with Spiral Q is being able to connect with so many different organizations in Philadelphia and being a teaching artist and fellow with the Q, My community involvement has allowed me to reach people in spaces I couldn’t reach on my own.  My goal as an Artivist (Artist and Activist) is to hold space and reverence for black people in America that seek healing and justice. Spiral Q has helped me achieve that goal.

What is your go to potluck dish?

My favorite thing to bring to a potluck is coconut rice.

What is your favorite piece of artwork you’ve made?

My favorite important piece of artwork I’ve made is The Voice of ASD and Mod3. This project I created with Spiral Q to advocate for those in the incarceration system. To see the power to connect the outside world to the stories of those incarcerated.  I believe that in the future we will create the change and the destruction of the system of incarceration.