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Project Profile: Hà Phạm – 
Creating our Loved Space: From Cardboard to Dream Cultivation 
(Support this project Friday at our InQbate Art & Resistance Project Fair!)

What makes you feel safe? What makes you feel loved? How do you love your community? A dream cultivation with the community about what safety and liberation for all look & feel like using cardboard and daily household materials. This project was inspired by a personal immigration journey searching for a place that feels like home and finding those moments of “home” offered by the communities around me rather than a physical place.

hà was born and raised in Việt Nam and currently lives in West Philadelphia.
They are a daydreamer, a child who learned first love through plants and dirt, a person who once seeked science to rationalize life events and now finds comfort in being inspired by feelings (personal and collective). They’ve been learning to bring out all parts of themselves and becoming whole throughout InQbate, all toward the love for the collective community. They believe that while data can inform us, feelings move us, and actions shall transform us.
They developed the idea for their InQbate project, Creating our loved space: from cardboard to dream cultivation, because they want to lift up how the daily acts fit into the art of liberation and that safety & love can only exist at collective level.