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Jennifer Turnbull (Co-Director of Spiral Q) and Nichole Canuso (Artistic Director of Nichole Canuso Dance Company) are offering free movement and storytelling workshops. These workshops are online through Zoom in order to be experienced from your own home.

Being/With is a live interactive installation by Nichole Canuso Dance Company (NCDC) that will connect audiences from two neighborhoods in Philadelphia (South Philadelphia and West Philadelphia). Spiral Q is collaborating with NCDC to design workshops in both neighborhoods that directly address the themes of the project: absence and presence, loss and embodiment, and the power of listening. Since the goals of Being/With are inherently connected to this time of social distancing, isolation and communication across geography, we are structuring the workshops so they can be experienced from people’s own home. Led by NCDC Artistic Director Nichole Canuso and Spiral Q Co-Director Jennifer Turnbull, these workshops seek to soothe and enliven – and mourn – the distance between us. And to make space for the connections that rise to the surface.

We are offering these two dates/times specifically for West Philly residents:

May 7th 3pm-4:30pm
May 12th6pm-7:30pm

If you would like to sign up for a slot in one of the workshops, email with the subject heading “Being/With workshop” and then specify the date you would like to attend.

What to expect:
Being/With creative team will lead a series of free workshops open to the public. The workshop will guide the group through a tender and playful experience that results in a mini performance structure created collaboratively, drawing from oral history interview practice, story circles, and physical theater and movement practices.

Open to 9 participants* at a time these workshops will explore the themes present in the performance (absence/presence; communication over distance; the power of listening) through a series of storytelling activities and movement structures. Each workshop will bend to reflect the interests and experiences of the participants.

Workshops are designed and facilitated by members of Spiral Q and  Nichole Canuso Dance Company.

*The workshops are for groups of 9 at a time, but each person should be prepared to log in to the workshop alone in their own space.