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Stay Healthy & Connected Beyond Boundaries

Spiral Q community,

It is crucially important that we keep physical distance from each other, a strange thing for  Spiral Q. We are best at bringing people together – at sharing pots of maché, telling our stories in close circles, and operating giant puppets together in the streets.

BUT physical distance and social distance aren’t mutually exclusive.
All current programs and on-site operations have halted for the immediate future but, as we work from home, we know our mission to create strong and equitable communities is elevated to new urgency and must take new form to remain responsive.

As we shift gears to stay virtually connected, we will center the support of our communities with our specialties: making the arts accessible- with objects in your home/with your own bodies, bringing people together in critical conversation and, leveraging the arts to express the greatest needs of our most marginalized Philadelphians.

Stay tuned for details about collaborative at-home art-making and virtual hangouts to increase mental health & reduce isolation as well as more city and grassroots community resources and actions (please see below).

Please take care, we love you all.