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Spiral Q co-director Jennifer: Learn the Healing & Reconciliation Dance here in this 1 min video for the Emergency Art Action to FUND BLACK FUTURES. Tomorrow 1-3p PMA steps to City Hall! 🤗😊 You: What are you talking about Jennifer? 👀 
Jennifer: The Healing & Reconciliation Dance is a flash mob-style movement phrase I choreographed 5 years ago as my artistic response to racism and white supremacy. The FUND BLACK FUTURES Emergency Art Action is a collective response to capitalism within the context of racism and white supremacy. ✊🏽 You: Oohhhh. That’s interesting. But how is this dance and this action going to do anything about all of that? 🤔 
Jennifer: The dance is one way to collectively acknowledge and embody the violence done to Black and Brown bodies throughout US history, it’s a way to heal using art and movement as a way to communicate and express directly.