Now collecting for our Spring Arts Education programming
See the list of needed items below. As always we ask that all items are clean and small items (like buttons and bottlecaps) are donated once you’ve collected a large quantity.

We currently have enough paper bags, kitty litter buckets, and egg cartons

If you have materials or equipment you’d like to donate contact to arrange a drop-off at our studio space at 4247 Stiles in West Philly.

Current needs:

Poster tubes/cardboard shipping tubes


Trim, Fringe, Lace

COLORFUL latex paint or other water-based paint

Paint brushes of all sizes

5 gallon water jugs (like for a water cooler)

Plastic bottle caps

Clean peanut butter jars with lids

Beer bottle caps

Blank, clean t-shirts to screen print on at community events

Metal coffee tins with plastic caps

Mesh bags (like citrus comes in)


Ribbon and Bias Tape

File Folders

CDs and DVDs

Big dress shirts for smocks

Magazines for collage (with good imagery!)

Sewing stuff

Large pieces of fabric

Broom handles, wooden dowels, and bamboo

EQUIPMENT wish list

A small desk