Spiral Q builds strong and equitable communities characterized by creativity, joy, can-do attitudes, and the courage to act on their convictions.

We imagine a city whose streets reflect the full spectrum of its residents’ creativity. We see a responsive and engaged society that rallies consistently to overcome the challenges of discrimination and oppression. We envision a world of abundance that mobilizes its resources to nurture shared vitality.

What's going on ...

April 10th - 6PM
Unpacking Equality in Arts and Culture: A conversation with Q Honorees - RSVP here

Book Spiral Q original
shadow put show,
"The Teeny Tiny````````` Trio".
Call 215.222.6979 for details!

The Powel Parade
Friday, May 30th - Time TBA
Stay tuned for details

FOSTER a giant puppet, masks, and other art from Spiral Q's MAGICAL COLLECTION or CALL to get them to come to your event!
What you can do ...

Save your recyclables
for the Q!
See our current list of needs.


VOLUNTEER From babysitters to body builders, there's a spot for everyone to pitch in. Fill out interest form.

What does Spiral Q stand for? CLICK here to find out!