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Due end of Day Sunday, Spread the Word – attn: Activists and community organizers! Build energy, visibility, community, and membership in your campaigns with Spiral Q. Apply to our FREE Art for Actions Pipeline program by August 30th – app in our bio and at

“ACT UP’s meetings are steeped in politics and can be emotionally heavy sometimes. We don’t always have the element of joy. Working together with other people and having space to make mistakes throughout the Peoplehood process was a great community building experience. Even in ACT UP meetings since Peoplehood, members refer to one another as family, and there is more of a sense of community care. The experience was bonding.” -Brad, ACT UP Philadelphia 

Big ❤️ to @actupphiladelphia and Brad who were 2019 pipeline partners.

Photos by @puppetshinanagans and @liza.goodell