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Liza Goodell

Liza Goodell


LIZA GOODELL is responsible for Spiral Q’s external communications and the smooth production and operations of Spiral Q’s programs. Working in partnership with her co-director, Goodell sets the vision and strategic direction and ensures the organization’s success as a high performing organization that is well respected in its field. An accomplished artist, she brings 24 years of puppet and parade making experience and has managed over 50 parades with Spiral Q. Joining the Spiral Q team in 2005, Goodell has been a force in nearly all aspects of the organization’s work including project development and management, parade and production management, grassroots individual giving campaigns, puppet commissions, exhibitions and restorations, staff development and management, and facility operations.

Outside of Spiral Q, Goodell has been a guest artist at the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Parade the Circle Celebration for the past 10 years, designing, building, and leading parade performance ensembles for audiences of around 60,000 annually. Goodell has worked in Trinidad and Tobago where she assisted in creating costumes, masks, and giant puppets for award-winning Carnival bands The Washing and and as production staff on Hartford’s giant puppet performance Night Fall. Her masks and puppets have been on view at The Guggenheim, Cleveland Museum of Art, the Rosenbach Museum & Library, University City Arts League, and Cleveland Public Library.

Her personal (and some Spiral Q) work can be seen at or on Instagram @liza.goodell