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Corey Mark

Corey Mark


Where are you going?
Where have you come from?
If anyone asks you,
I hope you can say.
– Tony Williams, “Where”

Corey Mark– multi-instrumentalist, composer/collaborator, and music educator– seeks to answer
these questions through music. Drawing from a perspective rooted in social and economic
justice, social psychology, and speculative fiction, he believes that music can act as a powerful
force to promote cultural competency, facilitate emotional healing, and help build and strengthen
community. Corey holds B.A. in Psychology from Swarthmore College and teaches as an
instrumental instructor at the School of Rock Philadelphia. You can find him creating and
performing with groups Upholstery, SWARM, Dreamer Sheen, York Street Hustle, and the John
Byrne Band. A 16-year resident of a city with a far-reaching social and musical legacy, Corey is
proud to call Philadelphia his home.