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In the fall of 2014 Spiral Q named two core initiatives in our programming – PLACE and PRACTICE. The PLACE initiative defines our work in our home neighborhoods in West Philadelphia and the PRACTICE initiative is an intentional focus on our art and methodologies.


We believe in a concrete theory of social change: “Visible Culture, Visible Community.” By working deeply within our community, we honor the strength of culture, the creativity of our residents and the aesthetic of our place. When we see ourselves and others see us, the link between these assets and change are visible and stronger. When community residents are authentically involved in shaping the future of neighborhoods, they are part of a transformative process: PLACE amplifies voices in a clear and visible way that claims their power, and demands to be heard by civic leaders and policymakers.


Our PRACTICE is the long game. From our very beginning, we’ve seen firsthand how an engaged and iterative approach creates the conditions for transformative cultural and artistic experiences. This approach takes time to cultivate, and great care and experience to facilitate. And the value of it is immeasurable. When community members work toward a common goal from the start, an authentically-rooted process is cultivated that can grow and build toward the future.