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There is one day left to pressure Mayor Kenney and Brian Abernathy to invest in communities and defund the PPD. Images here from @actupphiladelphia and Philadelphia Coalition for Affordable Communities’ “Vigil for People Killed by Kenney’s Budget” last Tuesday – Calling for a budget that supports the PEOPLE not the police- including efforts to end homelessness, lifting up the city’s arts and culture sector, and providing sanitation workers with personal protective gear during the coronavirus pandemic and the defunding of the PPD. #kenneyscutshurt#defundtheppd#fundblackfutures

Spiral Q was happy to help this action with consulting, creation of a how to make a body bag prop (see down the blog), and some banner/prop pieces. The action was tagged teamed with our new friends at @appliedmechanics 🙌🔥💪 Photos by the awesome @robinsaurus and screenshot from @phillywerise and WHYY coverage