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The Peoplehood Pageant! Working with our 3 core partners, @actupphiladelphia , @shutdownberkscoalition, and @phillythrive, and community volunteers (and of course folks joining in the day of!) we created a small pageant that tied together the campaigns and issues each group is working on – centering on the themes of basic human right of housing and how it connects to health (especially for those living with AIDS and HIV), the immorality of family detention (and specifically shutting down the Berks Family Detention Center), and the right to breathe clean air in your home (and the permanent closure of the PES Refinery in South Philadelphia). The pageant acknowledged that all of these oppressions are connected and the need for a wider base to stand with and behind these movements toward justice; cracking through white supremacist dominant culture toward the collective liberation. Photos and videos by Hanbit Kwon, @weepingheretic Joe Piette, @lexiromps, Cybee Bloss from @phillycam, and @liza.goodell