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Make a bodybag prop at home and help @actupphiladelphiaaction next tues

See link in Spiral Q’s IG bio to sign up to make a body bag for @actupphiladelphia ’s Defund the Police and Housing for All action on June 16th

Make a body bag and share a message with Mayor Kenney to reject a deadly budget and choose to: Defund the Police. Fund Housing for All. Save Lives.

When Mayor Kenney increases the police budget by $120 million* and cuts affordable, accessible housing and homeless services, we know that puts us and our loved ones at risk: risk of violence at the hands of the police, risk of exposure to COVID-19, risk of HIV and other chronic illnesses, risk of death.

What you’ll need:
Wide tape! duct tape, masking tape or packing tape should work
Large black contractor bags 
Bottles – I used 14 bottles 
2 shopping bags
small heavy objects that you don’t need!