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Beautiful video by  @bigpicturealliance of June 16th Emergency Art Action to Fund Black Futures

For more than three weeks, the city of Philadelphia has taken to the streets, the internet, and the airwaves to reckon with decades of unconscionable violence, at the hands of police and our own city government. City leadership is too debilitated by their own fear and lack of imagination to take the first steps toward real justice. Luckily for Council, our city’s essential workers– artists, educators, organizers, and caregivers–– have done the imagining for them.

Artist Coalition for a Just Philadelphia has joined organizations including Reclaim Philadelphia, Amistad Law Center, and Philly We Rise in calling for a $120 million reduction in the Philadelphia Police Department budget – a 10% decrease that represents the amount that the PPD budget has grown under Mayor Kenney’s tenure.
We collectively demand that this city prioritize equitable funding to support and strengthen Black and Brown communities rather than criminalizing them––including supporting funding for community arts programs through the Philadelphia Cultural Fund. We share one clear demand: the first step toward racial and economic justice in Philly has a price tag– $120 million reinvested directly into our communities, culled from the PPD’s 2021 budget.

A $3.05M loss will devastate community based arts programs, & vital arts education initiatives that serve Black and Brown communities, employ Black and Brown teaching artists, and amplify Black and Brown voices. As community-based artists and arts organizations, every day we see the incredible impact of spaces filled with creative outlets, learning and growth opportunities, & material & emotional support. It is unacceptable to prioritize police over teachers, mentors, artists, youth counselors, caregivers, community hubs, socialization and support, and all the other resources provided by community organizations