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Finally edited some pics and video from Chinatown Connections parade on Nov 11th. Our newest parade partnership with Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC) used our artistic process to deepen an existing stakeholder base toward the creation of the first Chinatown Connections Parade – an inclusive people-centered project lifting up the issues of neighborhood safe routes to parks and schools. “As a result of our project (with Spiral Q), we feel like we are poised for the next step in tackling the issue – not only in project actions, but in developing a deeper, wider base to affect long-term change.” – Sarah Yeung, PCDC

This was the first community-wide event to reclaim public space. Chinatown residents gathered to celebrate themselves and their cultural legacy as an everyday community of neighbors. Photos by the amazing Rachael Warriner @rayecharls Hire her to take pics of your events!