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Spiral Q’s shelves are stuffed to the gills with nearly 20 years of vibrant, original works of art – from large-scale puppets, banners and signs, to costumes, props and general ephemera. Spiral Q and its “living” collection has vividly carried forward our founding purpose to challenge discrimination and advance the capacity of marginalized communities to live robust and self-determined lives. Whether constructed by trained artists or made from scratch by a community member and first-time papier-mache-r, these storied items reveal a rich patchwork history of Philadelphia’s most critical struggles for justice. Quite literally, each item has a story, and we at Spiral Q seek to make our collection as accessible as possible to our communities in the service of justice – through loans, on proud display in exhibits, and at your workplace through our puppet fostering program.



Become a puppet foster today! Our one-of-a-kind puppets and artwork bring a sense of joy and wonder to even the beige-est office environment. What’s more, you and your colleagues can feel good knowing that you are providing a good home for Philadelphia’s fiercest inanimate advocates for justice. For more information on our foster program, or to foster a puppet, email


Looking to infuse joy into your public demonstration, event, or surprise special occasion? Spiral Q’s collection and artists love to bring alive our city’s streets, renew spirits and work with your organization or cause to reach new audiences and raise the visibility of your issue. Hire us to make a giant puppet appearance or to borrow from our visual lending library. For more information, contact Jennifer at


Spiral Q has several original exhibitions that can be installed off-site (ours) and into yours. Looking at justice movements through the lens of people-powered art, these exhibitions inform and inspire participants to realize their agency in the work of the past. Contact us to see if one of our existing exhibitions might be a good fit for you/your space.