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As a community of learners, research is critically important at Spiral Q. Leaning into our founding values and artistic and organizing practices, research at Spiral Q is meant to expand our knowledge of ourselves, reveal our place in a rich history of social activism, people-powered media and artwork, and connect and strengthen our communities through shared inquiry.




Research at Spiral Q is social. Connecting ideas with spaces and actions. Gathering together disparate Q friends who dazzle each other with their respective brilliance. Bringing our professional passions into a social environment.


Convenings small and large. Dialogues illuminate strengths and aspirations, raise issues and concerns, and share stories of values, experiences, identity and purpose. Salons connect and spark ideas!


Cohorts formalize Spiral Q’s deep network of relationships to yield more visible connections, identify shared assets and purpose, mobilize resources, improve SQ’s work and that of our partners.


Connecting community with cultural events tied to our values and practice. Our communities love to hit the town to view others’ work in the spirit of shared practice. Join us on an upcoming art walk!


Brainstorm, Make, Share, and Adjust. Putting thought into action. Testing new ideas of all kinds, labs can come in many forms: individual creative projects, hack-a-thons, maker meet-ups, or collaborative endeavors.


Inquiries into traditions that connect to Spiral Q’s our art, practice and founding history. Experiencing events and performances, connecting with practitioners, and researching methods.


Presenting at and attending conferences connects Spiral Q artists and cohorts with like-minded thinkers, makers, and change-makers, strengthening our network, expanding our thinking,  and creating new community.


What we saw, we heard, we learned… what we read, understood, and the new questions that emerged. If you left a Spiral Q salon, quest, or art walk and want to share your thoughts and reactions as part of the Q community, please submit a blog post!

A great day at TEDxPhiladelphia!

What a great day at TEDxPhiladelphia! Accompanying an installation of our Silkscreen Resistance and Dissent exhibition, we printed over 200 posters with TEDx attendees and met so many great people. If you’re interested in an installation of this exhibit at your...

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Lab – Parade the Circle

Spiral Q artist Liza Goodell spent the second week of June at the Cleveland Museum of Art as a guest artist at the 25th annual Parade the Circle.  Creating her parade ensemble “Sometimes Always, Never Forever” (first photo) and intersecting with festival...

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My heart is full

It is morning and April and I sit in autumn at table outside my hotel room. Cape Town disappears behind us, behind cliffs that peer to the sea, holiday sandy coves full of beach umbrellas and boogie boards, windy mountain passes, ostrich farms, and the wide open Karoo...

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South Africa: Feet Touch Ground

I have been trying to upload photographs for some time. It is late, I sit in a suburb of Jozi (J-berg). I want to give you pictures more than words, but for now words seem to be all this technology will allow. It has been years of dreaming of this journey. I remember...

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