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Collegeville Community Parade Partnership Project


Spring 2012


Berman Museum of Art
Ursinus College
Perkiomen Valley Middle School
Ursinus Environmental Club

Ursinus College

Perkiomen Valley Middle School


Coming soon!



We asked: how can we bridge or connect community, and build and lead from these institutions and the communities within which they are situated in meaningful ways?



Included collaborative development of a Community Day event and the creative work of the students at Perkiomen, and catalyzed a way in which students created their own work and brought it together in a show, potluck-style.



Several hundred people attended, witnessed the art, and interacted with the artwork over the course of the processional performance and exhibit/installation.

“I have worked with Spiral Q since 2003:

1) as a curator who sought their help in opening up the opportunity for women, men, and kids of all classes, creeds, and colors to find themselves in a multi-venue art exhibition in Philadelphia and its suburbs;

2) as an activist who sought their help in revealing anew to suburban college students the power and responsibilities of the right to vote; and

3) as a museum educator and out-reacher who sought their help in facilitating the building of an infrastructure of communication, collaboration, and community in the suburbs of Philadelphia where, too often, we take those rare commodities for granted.”

- Susan Shifrin, PhD

Berman Museum of Art, Ursinus College