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Brett Thomas

Brett Thomas


Brett Alex Thomas is a Sculptural Craftsman from Philadelphia is very interested in the beauty of memory. As a young artist he has overcome cancer, adolescent hardship and urban blight. It was on the East Coast that Brett began exploring on freight trains and surpassed traumas associated with violence, inner city hardship and chemotherapy. Now, he continues to draw from his beginnings and his love of clay. A repeating theme in his studio practice is deconstruction and reconstruction amidst an ongoing search to find magic amongst the objects of the Everyday. Some of Brett’s artistic influences include the exquisite craft forms of Martin Puryear, the esoteric beauty of Leonora Carrington’s paintings and the enigmatic explorations of sinks created by Robert Gober.


Memory is a strange thing. On occasion it keeps us reeling amongst the intensities of the past. Scientists now believe that our memories are re-written every time we recall them. To this end, I am fascinated by the interplay of recollection, the meaning of truth within them, and how they synthesize through the craft manifest that is my studio practice and skill set. In a stream of craft that is stylistically subject to the idiosyncratic conditioning of my life, I create sculpture.

Through the creation of memory, I alone possess the capability to construct, reconstruct and deconstruct my world, story and self. My identity, comprised of story, is the root of my being both in temperament and conditioning. With these stories I create folklore out of a void.

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