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Alexis Rompilla

Alexis Rompilla


Alexis Rompilla is an artist and designer who is more commonly referred to as Lexi. She was born and
raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania but is currently studying at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in
Philadelphia Pennsylvania. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Studies and a Minor in Advertising.
Lexi started her career as a multidisciplinary artist through working in West Philadelphia’s community
arts organizations Spiral Q. She taught classes alongside other artists in school programs and
participated in events such as the 2018 Peoplehood Parade. During her junior year of college, she
studied in Rome, Italy for a full academic year. This time abroad was spent traveling, continuing her fine
art practice and working in Galleria Anna Marra, located in Rome’s ancient Jewish Ghetto. She assisted
well established, contemporary gallery owner and art collector Anna Marra. She has been published in
Diario Romano and worked directly along side mid-career artists such as Elvio Chiricozzi, Veronica
Botticelli, and Khen Shish.
Lexi is presently working as a graphic designer for Ninedots Media in Philadelphia and spends most of
her free time somewhere close to nature gaining inspiration for her fine art practice.