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ACT UP Philadelphia is the longest surviving grassroots AIDS activists’ organization that has remained intact throughout its entire history. An all volunteer organization led by people living with HIV/AIDS, people of color, youth and others directly affected by the AIDS crisis, ACT-UP Philadelphia is a model of multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-generational leadership. In its early years, ACT UP Philadelphia’s successful demand that the city of Philadelphia provide monies for AIDS-related projects resulted in the implementation of numerous influential programs including Prevention Point, the Youth Health Empowerment Project, Midnight Cowboys, and Critical Path. Most recently, ACT UP Philadelphia was one of the major organizers in advocating for the National HIV/AIDS Strategy that President Obama’s administration agreed to craft, for the first time ever. ACT UP Philadelphia’s spirit of defiance and determination in the face of overwhelming prejudice has served as an inspiration to Spiral Q’s work since our inception.