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Accessible and mass-produced media has always played a pivotal role in our work. Since our inception, Spiral Q artist communities have channeled their collective force for good through the creation of “print editions” of posters, flags, banners, parade papers and even digital memes. A diversity of multiple voices are collaboratively and creatively distilled into a concept printed en masse of their collective priorities that are then distributed far and wide.


Spiral Q works with middle, high school, and college students to connect with traditions of resistance and build powerful prints and images. Introducing silkscreen posters and street art paste-ups from historical and contemporary justice movements, students use these as inspiration as they envision change in their own lives. Spiral Q artists teach the basics of stencil and screenprinting, and students work collaboratively to create their original messages and artwork.


Spiral Q consults with organizers, educators, and community members on messaging methods and tactics. From online campaigns to poster and puppet media, we know how to make your messages get greater impact, reach new and unexpected audiences, and garner greater media attention. Contact us today for more information.


A community scrapbook for artists, partners, and community in the Spiral Q sphere. Our My Spiral Q Tumblr highlights the depth and diversity of reasons to love all that the Q stands for. You can contribute your story at

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