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Artwork from Spiral Q’s collection tells stories. From local histories to personal narratives the puppets, posters, and paraphernalia speak. Exhibitions of this work not only showcase artists’ creations and communities’ collaborations but celebrate stories of sacrifice, struggle and strength and serve as examples within a larger world history of artwork created for social protest, parade and celebrations and community mobilizations.


Spiral Q has several original exhibitions that can be installed off-site. Looking at justice movements through the lens of people-powered art, these exhibitions serve to inform and inspire participants to see themselves and their potential in the work of the past. Contact us to see if one of these would be a good fit for you and your space.


In our vast collection of artwork lies pieces that fit into larger narratives. Work from the collection has been loaned to exhibits around Public Art, Folk Art, Art and Activism, Community Mobilization among others. Contact us if you’re interested in including a piece from the collection in your exhibit.


Creating public space for student work to be shared. Q residencies or workshops frequently end in exhibitions where student ideas and technique can cross pollinate and family, friends, and community members can see students as artists.


Culture & Resistance: South Africa Then and Now

Nexus Gallery
July-August 2010



Philadelphia: Puppetry for Social Justice

Philadelphia International Airport
January 2012 – August 2012

Spiral Q Pop-up Museum

Lancaster Ave. Corridor
Spring 2011

Last Drop
May 2011




Making It Better: Folk Arts in Pennsylvania Today

On Tour of Pennsylvania 2011-2012

How Philly Works: Streets as Barometers of Urban Life

The Atwater Kent Museum
October 2006 – September 2007

Restoring Ideals

Temple Contemporary
January 2013


Teens in Revolt:What’s on Our Minds

Nexus Gallery
July-August 2010




From Many to One and
Back to Many Again

The Last Drop
June-August 2014