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Artist Bash:
Drivers of Social Change
Fri. September 158-11pm
The Barnes Foundation

Spiral Q will be leading Jennifer Turnbull’s powerful Healing and Reconciliation Dance as part of as salon style evening at the Barnes that will bring together musicians, comedians, and poets harnessing art’s power to drive social justice and transformation.

The Healing & Reconciliation choreography that embodies the historic violence against people of color in the United States. One previous participant shared how valuable the experience of the dance was.

“In the (Healing and Reconciliation) dance I found empowerment because it represented a lot of peace and a lot of power. The movement was just amazing. I felt relief, I felt free, I felt peace, I felt love, I felt unity. Every movement from that dance was something that played a big part today in my life.”

Volunteer Opportunity

This dance was created to be participatory and performed “flash mob” style. We are looking for 10 people who can learn the movement in advance as be leaders to the general public. Given the themes of the dance we are especially looking for POC volunteers (but all welcome?) One rehearsal before the day, and volunteers receive free entry to the whole event after performing. Email community@spiralq.orgif you’re interested in volunteering.